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air purification solutions for pet owners

Air Purification Solutions for Pet Owners

If your pet is one of your favorite family members, then you have something in common with about 80 million people who love their furry friends more than anything. However, another thing we have in common is NOT loving the amounts of fur we find lying around the house and the pet dander our fur babies leave behind. Luckily, innovative technology in air purification solutions has brought us a way to actually clean our home’s air, eliminating pet hair, dander, and odors.

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Deciding Whether to Repair Or Replace Your HVAC Unit in North Alabama environmental comfort systems

Deciding Whether to Repair Or Replace Your HVAC Unit

Wondering whether to repair or replace your HVAC system? Air conditioning and heating units, like all appliances and automobiles, will eventually wear out and need to be serviced or replaced. Keeping your unit maintained will, of course, delay the need for having to replace your system, but the time will come when new technology can increase your HVAC system’s overall efficiency and decrease its noise level, all while keeping your family more comfortable year-round.

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Tips for Decreasing Humidity in Your Home

Tips for Decreasing Humidity in Your Home

Everyone takes notice of the humidity in the Tennessee Valley. It’s the peak of summer, but it has been sticky and humid out for months. How is the humidity inside your home? There are a few things you can do to help combat the humidity in your home during the hottest weeks to come.

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Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality for Pet Owners environmental comfort systems

Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality for Pet Owners

It’s been blazingly hot in North Alabama for the past several months. Not only do you want your home to be comfortable, you want the air inside it to be clean and safe to breathe for your family. Having pets can greatly affect your home’s HVAC system and indoor air quality. Continue reading for a short guide to pets and indoor air quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Based upon research and unit specifications, it has been found that most air conditioners have an average lifespan of 12-15 years while the average furnace lasts 15-20 years. Of course, these numbers are rough estimates. The better you care for your unit through routine maintenance, the longer your unit will last. If you do not care for your unit, this time will most likely be shorter.

It is recommended you have your units inspected at least twice a year, in the fall and spring. This allows us to check the filters, pumps, and other parts of the unit to ensure that they are properly working. If we find a problem, we can replace it on the spot so that you will be prepared for the winter or summer. Learn more about our ComfortCare Club!

According to The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, it is recommended that the indoor humidity level be between 30 and 60 percent.

Here are some more tips for reducing your utility bills:

  • Setting your thermostat at a temperature that is comfortable without being extreme. Your unit will have to work much harder to keep your home 60 degrees in the summer rather than setting it at a more conservative temperature of 73.
  • Keep filters clean according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Do not block the vents in your home with drapes or furniture. This will limit the effectiveness of your units.
  • Consider replacing an older unit with a newer model. Many times, new efficient systems pay for themselves in energy savings over time.

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